I Castle Am Captured

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Hmm.  Looks rather better this way.


Hmm.  Looks rather better this way.

Hawkeye #19

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Stars of the Ocean

Jellyfish are awesome.

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"… they all crowded into the big pung sleigh, among straw and furry robes.  Anne reveled in the drive to the hall, slipping along over the satin-smooth roads with the snow crisping under the runners."

The scene where Anne and the Barrys travel to the concert is barely a paragraph long, but it’s so beautiful I can’t resist.  I also have a weakness for throwing sparkles into my drawings whenever I can.


Mada’in Saleh - Modern Saudi Arabia - built between 100 BC - 100 AD

Built by the Nabataean Kingdom prior to Roman annexation, these series of tombs were abandoned by the time Islam became predominant in the region.

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